The body-mind problem

According to me, the body-mind problem is the most obstinate problem in Western philosophy, the gap we see between body and mind, or between matter and idea, or object and subject.
That body-mind problem however, no longer exists in the relational philosophy pictured on this website. In this philosophy, reality is described in terms of forms and fitting of forms, in terms of the form-fitting-form or form-working-form trinity.
Everywhere we see trinities like shoe-fitting-foot, bolt-screwing-nut, axle-turning-wheel, bird-flying-air, male-Eros-female, proton-Electra-electron et cetera, two more or less opposite forms fitting to each other. And in that fitting of forms, all workings of reality play.
And when we speak of spirit or idea, then we always have such a working in mind playing as fitting of forms. The fitting to the foot, that is the spirit of the shoe, the screwing, that is the spirit of bolt and nut, the whole idea behind it.

So with matter or body we now mean for example bolt plus nut, shoe plus foot, or heart plus blood, and with spirit or idea we then mean the screwing between bolt and nut, the fitting between shoe and foot, and the beating of your heart. And then there no longer is a gap between matter and spirit; spirit then is the bridge between the forms. Spirit is the immaterial working of reality.
And our mind then can be understood as a sense-organ, with which we see the workings of reality, always playing as fitting of forms. Our human 'spirit', our mind, is a seeing of spirit.

Jan Helderman


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