From dualism to trinity

Western philosophy is called dualistic, because reality is split up into matter versus idea or body versus mind/spirit, while one does not know where to situate idea or spirit. Western philosophers could not situate spirit and idea in nature, and that is why spirit and idea have a super-natural character, in Western philosophy. And some Western philosophers, who do not want to accept super-natural things, then even deny the existence of spirit.
Western society is also called dualistic, because Westerners are very much inclined to see everything in terms of opposite contrasts, employer versus employee, boss versus servant, left-wing versus right-wing, culture versus nature, human versus animal, man versus woman, inlander versus foreigner, winner versus loser et cetera. We then see many gaps, while in fact these gaps often are bridges.

In the Relational philosophy, reality no longer is described in terms of dualities but in terms of trinities. Everywhere in reality we see forms that because of their specific shape fit to other forms. And in that fitting of forms, a working always is playing.
We see trinities like light-shining-flower, flower-opening-light, eye-seeing-light, plant-rooting-earth, bolt-screwing-nut, heart-pumping-blood, lungs-breathing-air, bone-hinging-joint, male-Eros-female, proton-Electra-electron et cetera, two fitting forms with a working playing in between. So everywhere we see form-fitting-form or form-working-form trinities.

And when we speak of spirit or idea, then we always mean such a working playing as fitting of forms. The working screwing, that is where it turns on in bolt and nut, that is the spirit of bolt and nut, the whole idea behind it, the idea of the screw-thread in this case. And with spirit and idea, we always mean such a working in a trinity.

So, in the Relational philosophy, spirit no longer has a super-natural character but is playing right in the middle of nature, between the forms. Spirit is the immaterial bridge between the forms.
Spirit, that is all the working in reality. And these workings play in the emptiness, so spirit is emptiness, no thing, but nevertheless a fact, a soft fact.
And with our mind, we then see the spirit working in reality. And we do see that because we can see the fitting of forms to each other.

Jan Helderman


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