God and human

I believe in God, a Spirit, an intelligence, a creative intelligence. And this God then also looks like a human a bit, but does not have a body of course, no personal body. God is living in all bodies, of animals as well, and plants and even stones and the like.
But only the human resembles God a bit, because a human can imagine such an all embracing mind, since the human has something like a mind himself.
Nevertheless there is a big difference between this Spirit of God and the human mind. The human mind actually only is a seeing of spirit. We are no creator like God, but only dis-coverer, of the techniques and other possibilities that nature offers.

According to the story of Adam and Eve in paradise, the first human beings ate from the forbidden tree of knowledge, and since then lived in sin and shame. I think that this forbidden tree of knowledge is not a certain kind of knowledge, but is what we think of knowledge it self.
I think that God, or some one else, is warning us there for the danger lain in overrating our mind. Instead of seeing our mind as just a mean, an extra sense-organ, we started to think that we are divine ourselves, as if we are spirit and creator like God. This pride, that is the Fall, I think.
Such an elevated mind then feels ashamed of the naked body, while a natural mind does not feel ashamed to be biology.

The Relational view actually wants to return a bit to that paradisiacal situation, wherein the human feels part of nature again and nothing more. With an eye for Spirit but nothing more. With lots of techniques of course for that too is nature.

Jan Helderman


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