Our naked existence

In order to survive, animals use all kinds of technical tools fixed on their bodies like furs, claws, hoofs, pincers, shells, wings and sometimes even whole houses. And when animals are naked, they often use chemical or electro-magnetic techniques like poison, shocks or mimicry. They need these techniques in order to survive.

But humans are pure naked existence, and that is because we have our mind. With that we see a coat in a fur, a weapon in a stick, an airplane in a bird, a plank and therefore a house in a tree, chemistry and electronics in Electra et cetera.

Our nakedness then even becomes our strength, because only naked you fit in everything, in a diving-suit, a space-suit, a polar-suit, in a hang-glider et cetera. Just imagine you have a fixed fur, or wings on your arms! You do not want that.

Because of our nakedness combined with our mind, we also are free, the only free birds in nature. Animals actually are culture, culture of nature. The bird, that is a flying-machine, with the naked existence imprisoned.
We however are pure nature and have our culture, clothes for all kinds of circumstances, vehicles for on land, on water and in the air. We are free to survive everywhere.

With our mind we see that forms fit to other forms, the tree on water as boat, the covering fur as coat, the rolling tree as wheel et cetera.
And when the forms fit well, then we call it good, beautiful, healthy, nice. Then we speak of quality.

And no animal is able to enjoy quality more than a human does. A heron swallows his fish in one bite, but we then first start to cook, to make it more tasty. And we do that with everything, clothes, chairs, beds, sounds, sex as well.

And that enjoying too, is caused by our mind. We see forms that fit, and we also see perfection in that fitting, and then we enjoy.
And this enjoyment always is bodily, a caressing of the senses, also when it concerns classical music or elevated literature. Our mind is a sense-organ.

So a human is pure biology and is enjoying this biology. And our whole economy therefore is busy with making nice and enjoyable things.

And why is it that there is the human?
Suppose God created all this harmony in nature. Then of course a being like a human also is necessary, to enjoy this harmony. Otherwise art has no use.

Jan Helderman

Adam and Eve.

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