The Relational paradigm

Many thinkers all over the world are busy with trying to discover a new paradigm, so a new model which can be used to better understand human, life and reality, so that we can make a better society as well. And I strongly believe that the Relational view is what we need.

Main difference with the prevailing Western view, is that spirit in the Relational view no longer is an exclusive property of the human, but is playing in the whole of nature, there where forms fit to other forms, so in the workings of reality.
The human mind then appears to be just an extra sense-organ with which we see the spirit of nature, always in fitting of forms. The human then has a more modest position in nature, still special but no longer elevated.
We then of course also see our own form fitting to other forms, and that is what we call consciousness or awareness.

More practical, the Relational view will lead to a less value-free attitude of scientists. Because the fitting of things always is the essence of things. The fitting to the foot for example is the essence of the shoe, the whole idea behind it. And the better the fitting, the more truly it is a shoe. And the other way around, if the shoe does not fit to any foot at all, then it is not even a shoe.
And for shoe we then can read every other thing we make like food, houses, cities, cars, schools, hospitals, post-offices, society in general. The better the fitting, the more truly it is.

So the quality of every thing we make and do, is part of the scientific truth. And in this sense we can say that small hospitals and small schools in the neighbourhood of people, are better fitting and therefore more truthful than the big hospitals and schools we are building now.
And the other way around, if in a society many things no longer fit well to (all) the people, then this society scientifically seen is an untruthful society.

So we can defend our longing for a better world in a scientific way now.

Jan Helderman


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