Metaphysics of Quality

Zen and the art..

Robert Pirsig wrote 2 novels: 'Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance' and 'Lila'.

Both novels are very philosophical and the outlined philosophy can be called and also is called a Metaphysics of Quality (MOQ). One can find about this MOQ on the internet.
I have always agreed with Pirsig and also believe that the immaterial quality is the root of all and everything. Even matter is just quality in the end.

However, what exactly do we mean with quality? What is the exact meaning of the word?
That question is not really answered by Pirsig.

Actually, quality always is found in relations, simply fitting of forms to each other, like the nut fits the bolt, the shoe fits the foot, the light fits the flower et cetera.
Quality then becomes touchable in a way, by touching both bolt and nut and feel the fitting, or by just stepping into your shoe.
The better forms fit, the better also the quality. So quality really can be felt.

By seeing that quality always is a fitting of forms (sounds also as forms and taste as form), we have defined quality in an understandable way. Quality then is touchable in a way.

And then indeed it becomes very obvious that the immaterial relations (the electromagnetic phenomenon of light in particular) are the root of all there is, of matter as well.

These patterns of relations we find and feel in nature, actually are the building-schemes used by Nature. And these building-schemes are the root of all. Matter is just an impression, or an expression.

So, the Relational view on this website also serves as a proof for MOQ.

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