Real democracy

First of all, I want to say that I think that most of the people are not really interested in politics. And there is nothing wrong with that, because why must we all know what exactly is happening in the cockpit?
What we do not like either is that first and second pilot fight their power-struggle amidst us as passengers. But in politics that often is happening. The government can be compared with the first pilot, the opposition in the parliament with the second pilot. And since the government always knows in advance whether or not it can count on a majority in the parliament, the opposition constantly stays off side, and starts to blame the government.

How can we prevent that?
By making the government a broad reflection or representation of the whole parliament, so especially with the extremes in it, left and right. Furthermore these politicians then have to be reasonable and realistic. They ought to be politicians who know that, since they only represent for example 20% of the people, they can not get 100%.

This however, demands an other idea of democracy. At the moment, it often is the case that a (small) majority decides what will happen, while the minority has to follow. Politicians do compromise, however only to come to such a small majority. And when this majority then is there, all the others have bad luck.

But I think that this majority then still must talk with all minorities, in order to give their opinions and wishes as much room as possible. Strive for optimum satisfaction in every-one. And if you are the minority next time, then you too can be sure that your wish will find optimum fulfilment.

An example to make myself clear. Suppose there is the need for a new connection between A and B. Also suppose that 50% wants a connection as straight as an arrow, while 10% wants at least one big curve in the road around an area for example with big country-houses and golf-links. The remaining 40% wants much more curves around all kinds of nature and culture scenery.
Big chance that the road will become a straight one then with just one curve, because 60% is the majority. Big chance as well that, if next government is left-wing instead of right-wing, the plan will be changed again, the building of the road be stopped.

Take care of optimum satisfaction right at the beginning! Choose for some more curves right at the beginning, in order to protect at least the most important nature and culture scenery. Then it still can be a fast road. And nobody can have 100% satisfaction, unless we all agree.

And if all opinions are represented in the government, and if they indeed strive for optimum satisfaction for every-one, then the 'opposition' no longer has to struggle this useless combat. Then the members of parliament have time to visit the people, to look around, to learn what the real problems are.

Extra advantage is, that our governors then give us the right example. Because in the real world, all different opinions also must live together in just one society.

The Western society, by the way, is like this majority who wants a straight line. Everywhere. And in other parts of the world, many people therefore are afraid to lose their own winding paths and roads.

Jan Helderman


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