Spirit and mind

Reality consists of a multitude of material things which all have a form. And the forms of all these things then always refer to other fitting forms in the surroundings. The root fits in the soil, the light in the flower, the leaf to light and air, the eye to light, the ear fits to sound, the wing on the air, the shoe around the foot et cetera.

So, we see forms and fitting of forms to each other, in this text as well. In that fitting of forms to each other, all workings of reality are playing, Electra and Eros as well.

Furthermore it is a fact, that whenever we speak of spirit, the vital spirit, the spirit of this text, we always have in mind forms that fit to other forms, in music as well. And when the forms fit perfectly, we call it beautiful, good, healthy, nice, so quality.

So spirit is playing in the whole of nature, and in our culture as well, there where forms fit to other forms, in the relations, in the workings.

And what is it then, what a human makes a human?
Well, with our ordinary sense-organs we see, hear, smell, taste and feel the forms of the things. And animals do the same, they also see and feel the forms of things.
With our mind, we additionally see the fitting of forms to other forms, the workings, in nature and in our culture.

So our mind is a seeing of spirit, a sense-organ for spirit, a very natural instrument. We actually do not have a spirit, but only see the spirit of nature. And we therefore still are special, because animals do not see the spirit.

Do you see the spirit?

Jan Helderman


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