The Cike

(Dutch patent-nr: 1019905; 07.08.2003)

Hand-cike. Foot-cike.

Since bike is short for bi-cycle, cike means only cycle.
According to me, the cike is a very useful vehicle, maybe not for long distances but for in the city, or just for fun.
One in a way is hanging in the wheel, which results in a stable position, especially when cycling. I think that after a while, one feels kind of united with the cike, as if one is a being with a wheel.
Steering the cike happens by slightly hanging over with the body to the left or to the right. Of course a brake is possible and also a hub-gear.
Safety-wheels in front of the cike-wheel and at the back, are for safety reasons but in the foot-driven cike also to protect the driving-mechanism. In this foot-drive, the rotation of the crank-axle(s) is transported to the cike-wheel by means of a driving-shaft. This driving-shaft is hidden in the frame.
Foot- and hand-drive can be combined.


A step-cike, without driving-mechanism, to be used the way a scooter or roller-skate-board is used.


A motor-cike. The engine is built in or around the hub of the cike-wheel, and as low as possible above the surface.
Because of the way the trailer is connected, the pictured version actually is a stable three-wheeler on which an easy seat also is possible. But after disconnecting the trailer, the motor-cike also can be used solo.
The hand and foot-cike of course also can have such a trailer, even a one-wheel trailer and then one actually has a new kind of bicycle or bike.


Finally the hop-cike with the wheel-axle just outside the center of the wheel. The hop-cike has no gear-mechanism, but nevertheless is faster than walking. A distance of 2½ meter per hop, or more than 10 kilometers an hour, is easily possible.

I am searching for a concern (a bicycle factory for example) that wants to develop and produce the cike. I am willing to share all the patent-rights with such a good and honest partner.

Jan Helderman

Cike 2

Some people (in the USA) have tried to make a Cike. A big problem then seems to be the balance forward and backward. If you want to give it another try, then mount a fixed cog-wheel on the hub of the Cike-wheel, so without free-wheel mechanism, so that you can make balance-movements with the hand-pedals.

Cike skate-board.
Maybe a skate-board-like Cike offers a better balance, on which you then ride sidewards.

It of course also is possible to use a second (steered) little wheel for balance. But then it no longer is a real Cike but a hand-driven Fabike (see elsewhere on this website). A useful vehicle I think, for short distances, inside big buildings as well.

Maybe only balance-artists can ride a real Cike.