This program is made in ±1990 but still works fine in Windows, especially if you choose 'full screen' mode!

You can download Tafab by mouse-clicking the pictures above.
You also can try Tafab this way.
Tafab is only 1 file of 75000 bytes.
After only seconds, Tafab is running on your screen.
In Tafab, use the arrow-keys instead of the mouse!

Main-menu and 3 screen-pictures of Tafab.

Though Tafab is a non-graphical Dos-program, it also works very well in Windows. When you start from an icon on the desktop, it is as if a graphical Windows program is running.

Advantage of being a simple Dos-program is that Tafab is only 1 file (tafab.exe) of ±75,000 bytes.

With Tafab all sorts of primary education sums can be practised, while attention is paid to comprehension of the sums as well.
There are two levels in the program, easy and not-easy. Easy is figures less than 10.

The mouse is not working in Tafab (in 1990 I did not have a mouse). But the arrow-keys are switched on, not only to make a choice in the menus, but also to answer the sums.
Last possibility is very handy. With only 1 finger and the 4 arrow-keys, you can work very fast in Tafab. So even children who can not (yet) handle a mouse, can work with Tafab.

Tafab is bilingual, Netherlands and English.
In the configuration-menu you can choose the language and other settings, colors for example and music. You can save your choice in a small file (automatically called tafab.cfg then and only 45 bytes). Without that file Tafab runs as well. It is made only if you save your own configuration, instead of using the in-built settings.

Information and configuration screens.

Next to all these useful graphical programs, Tafab can be an extra, for example when you simply must learn tables and other automatisms by heart.

Also point at the pictures.

Fabike cyclist.